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Myself. Born in 1996 in Galati, Romania. Studied at CNVA Galati, then got my BEng in 2018 and MEng in 2020 from TUIASI, Faculty of Automatic Control and Computer Engineering. I also studied for one semester at The University of Sheffield, Department of ACSE in 2016. I am fluent in English and conversational in French.

My career. Proudly been working as a Software Developer Engineer for Amazon since October 2018. Additionally, I have been teaching programming fundamentals for first-year faculty students as a wholesome side job since 2020. My engineer's diploma thesis was titled 'Scorewriter application with features aimed at Byzantine music processing', parts of which are published in an IEEE conference paper. I contributed Romanian translations to the ReactOS open source project. I also co-initiated the Save Winamp campaign to urge the continued development of the Winamp media player back in 2013. I have been a problem proposer and judge in the oldest software contest aimed at highschool students in Romania, InfoEducatie since 2017.

Trivia. I enjoy singing and greatly enjoyed conducting the faculty choir during studenthood. I like to think of myself as an engineer by profession but a meaning seeker by vocation.

My public repos on GitHub

Here are some of the projects I have published on GitHub. Please note that almost all were written as mere prototypes or personal projects and were not meant to stand out as examples of top-notch code quality.



Modular rolling news screensaver

Electron SQLite manager


SQLite3 database manager meant to be easy and straightforward to use.

Electron Photo Manager


Locally-stored photo manager using an SQLite database

Lyrics Visualizer


Music player with lyrics visualizer with fancy effects

Random Word Generator


Windows app which generates random words according to simple rules, inspired by a similar shareware app

Romanian characters for Arduino-operated LCDs


Arduino library which implements the Romanian diacritics (ă, â, î/Î, Ș/ș, ț, Ă, Â, Ț) for display using Hitachi HD44780-compatible LCD controllers



Custom widget for wxWidgets which displays a piano and supports being played using the keyboard, as well as other features



Custom widget for wxWidgets which displays a flat button

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