Welcome to Petru Dimitriu's page!

Who I am. My name is Petru Dimitriu (Peter, if you wish). Just a human being trying his best to do good and share love.

What I do. I code for faculty and personal IT projects, always seeking to forge stuff that is actually useful. But I do a lot more other things, so I seldom think of myself as a programmer, though I often genuinely act as one. Programming is merely the means by which I seek to attain my goals and manifest my creativity and imagination.

I like (among many other things) reading and singing. I strongly dislike computer games, which I find to be utterly counterproductive, time, money and life wasters and I am very unknowledgeable when it comes to them.

My current interests are music and audio processing and biosignal processing.

My repos on GitHub

Here are some of the projects I have published on GitHub.

Project namePurposeLanguages and frameworks usedWe all love screenshots
AcumModular rolling news screensaverWeb stuff, JQuery
Electron SQLite managerSQLite3 database manager meant to be easy and straightforward to use.Web stuff, JQuery
Electron photo managerLocally-stored photo manager using an SQLite databaseWeb stuff, JQuery, Sqlite3
Lyrics visualizerMusic player with lyrics visualizer with fancy effectsJQuery
Random Word GeneratorWindows app which generates random words according to simple rules, inspired by a similar shareware app.AutoHotkey
Romanian characters for Arduino-operated LCDsArduino library which implements the Romanian diacritics (ă, â, î/Î, Ș/ș, ț, Ă, Â, Ț) for display using Hitachi HD44780-compatible LCD controllers.Arduino C++
wxPianoControlCustom widget for wxWidgets which displays a piano and supports being played using the keyboard, as well as other features.C++
wxFlatButtonCustom widget for wxWidgets which displays a flat button.C++
Numerical calculus problemsRepository containing some numerical calculus problemsMATLAB
Bidimensional matrix manipulation library for C++Matrix manipulation library for use within numerical calculus problemsC++

Things in my IT career for which I am thankful and grateful

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